2019 Fall Semester

Sketchbook: Safety Pin by Eli Rallo

Workshop Slot #1: Diseducated by Allie Taylor & Sammy Sussman (Music Directed by Joe Serafini)

Workshop Slot #2: Women's Cabaret, featuring Her Jason by Skylar Siben

Playwright in Residency: Hierarchy of Heartbeats by Emma Ashford (Music Directed by our very own Cole P. Abod)

2019 Winter Semester

Slot #1: Juliet by Kellie M. Beck and Alix Curnow

Juliet continued its journey as a full production in the Duderstadt Studio in April 2019.

Slot #2: Double Feature with -

Fire and Ice by Emily Russell

Exhibits in the Zoo by Matt Harmon

Exhibits in the Zoo won an award at the Region III Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival.

Slot #3: Horns by Sara Pendergast

Slot #4: Crescendo with book by Bridget Jean and lyrics by Isabel Stein