Playwright in Residency will be a semester-long opportunity for one writer (or team of writers) that are farther along in the process with their new work. The goal will be to provide writers farther along in the process the needed support to continue to work on their piece, with the long-term goal to be putting up a staged workshop of their new play or musical.

Now, because we use the term "workshop" for our other two-week slots, I want to clarify what this will mean. The PiR workshops will be in a more traditional performance venue (we're looking into Newman), with actors being off-book, and the director doing full staging for the scenes. These workshops will have minimal technical elements; basic lighting, budget-friendly costuming, and simple "set". Our desired goal is something similar to what you might see for a designer run. The tech elements necessary to run the show are there, but not anymore. 

The writers awarded the PiR slot will work with our production team for the entire semester, spending time weekly to review new drafts, try-out new scenes, receive feedback from professors and local writers, as well as working with a director long-term that can help them craft and shape the work to be what they want it to be.